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Keep up with the times

Smartphone and Tablet usage is increasing so quickly that any statistic will be out of date by the time you read this. Your guests are using these devices now - at home, at the airport, in the taxi. Why not provide them with your hotel app and improve the guest experience even before they arrive? They may want to book a trip at one of your hotels – a direct channel!


All in one solution

Not only are we replacing the in-room compendium and adding function to allow the guest to order room service and the like. We are offering this on both Android and Apple devices, Smartphone and Tablet. The one system to be used by all - a hotel and destination portal with all local events and attractions. What's even better is the solution is future proof and is updated with new features for free

keep up

Simple to use

You might think by offering so much it would be difficult to add and change content. The opposite is in fact the case. It is so simple and easy to use your operations team will be updating the app daily if not hourly! Kitchen daily specials, promotional wines and any content can be added and changed instantly. No blackboard required!


Environmentally Friendly

Do away with print and help the earth. Brochures and information gets updated instantly on the fly. No need to spend on print runs and proof read them and throw them away when even a little information on them is redundant.

push notifications

Instantly alert your guests

Reach out to your guests instantly with specials and services in the hotel they can avail of by simply sending them a push notification. It's as simple as pressing a single button and sends it out through to both iPhone and Android devices.

  • link Affordable

    Extremely affordable and your solution is future proof, it gets updated with the latest features for free

  • qr scanner Analytics

    Track all activity on your app with Google analytics including what features your Guests use most and where they come from

  • rss Customizable

    Customize the app using a simple to use online interface and your apps are updated in real time. No Developers required!.. ever